How to Get Creative with Your Facebook Video

Facebook hasn’t hidden the fact that lately it prefers that you post video, which is now receiving 6x the sharing and engagement. To take advantage of this, I’ve gone ahead and posted a couple ways you can easily create video for your school’s Facebook page.


1) One of the biggest concerns I hear from communications professionals at schools is that they don’t have the needed experience with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere to create and edit polished video. In a social media society of quick cut video, a software like iMovie, which has basic features and functions, can easily suffice to improve your video content output.


2) This brings me to my next point. Stop thinking you need the perfectly directed and produced video to showcase on your social media profiles. Current and prospective students and parents, alumni, trustees, and more want to see what’s going on on campus, not Spielberg-produced content. It can be “down and dirty” as long as the resolution is decent so they can actually see what’s going on. Simply taking a video with your iPhone, editing the beginning and end, and posting to Facebook can mean a reach of say 800 to 1,000 rather than a photo of the same thing that reaches 200 to 300. Like this quick video taken of our 8th graders on the zipline of our school’s ropes challenge course. Now, I will say there are circumstances that should require polished video, like an admission video showcasing your school, but for the day to day stuff. Think video first and photo/status/link second.


3) Now that we’ve covered editing software and the fact that ruff video is OK, lets look at the type of content you can create. Why can’t all those photos you’ve taken for athletics, commencement, and academics be video? Ken Burns transitions and all, these photos can easily be put together as slideshows. What might have been posted as a gallery of photos, can now be put together to gain the benefits of video’s reach on Facebook. Here’s an example of a recent Cheshire Academy slideshow done for spring athletics. Sure, it seems prom-esque, but your community will love it. There’s a hidden secret infatuation with slideshows that we all posses somewhere, some deeper than others.


In the end, video is king on Facebook. So, you can either adapt your habits to continue reaping the benefits of the platform, or watch as your reach continues to shrink.

Cody Barbierri

Cody Barbierri

Social Media Marketing at Cheshire Academy

Seasoned social media manager with public relations know-how and professional blogging credentials. With a decade of experience, Cody has driven growth, increased engagement and built loyalty through strategy, content creation and community engagement for a multitude of brands, including Pepsi, Ocean Spray, WWE, and Warner Bros.