Project Management for School MarCom Offices [Podcast]

Directors of Marketing and Communications at private schools know how easy it is to get buried in the avalanche of jobs that come across their desk on a given day. From the simplest post on the website to an entire website redesign, the quantity of jobs can be astounding. Keeping track of them is like herding cats. What’s the project? Who is requesting it? What’s the goal? What’s the approval process? How much will it cost? Who’s involved in its creation? When is it due? These are just some of the questions that someone has to have the answers to and can be responsible for moving the project through the pipeline to completion.





Caitlin Garzi, Associate Director of Digital Marketing at Cheshire Academy in Cheshire, CT, knows a thing or two about project management. Before coming to the Academy, she worked for two for-profit companies keeping projects on-time and on-budget. She brought her expertise to the Academy and manages her clients’ expectations so that each project is a win-win for them and for the school.


What you’ll learn:

  • Project management software to get the job done
  • What a “client” is in a school environment
  • How [not] to lose a client
  • How Caitlin never says “no.”
  • How to manage client expectations to keep projects on time and on budget
  • Unwritten rules of MarCom
  • Caitlin’s mantra: “Anything is possible with time and money.”
  • How to manage infinite revisions
  • How to explain the cost-benefit analysis to clients
  • How bringing more people into the conversation yields a better product
  • How not hiding costs benefits everyone

Mentioned in this podcast:

Trello (free version available)

Basecamp ($29 per month)

Campus Bird Interactive Campus Maps

Box (starts at $5 per month)

Google Drive (free version available)


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