Investing in School Marketing for the Long Term [Podcast]

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If you need to convince someone that marketing for your private school is worth it, listen to Brad Rogers, Headmaster at The Gow School, discuss his decision to commit to marketing and branding for the long term and the benefits that the school has realized.


BradRogers150The Gow School is a school for students with dyslexia and similar language-based learning differences in South Wales, NY near Buffalo. Gow has 132 boys who board and recently added day students and girls and now has 18 days students.


Brad has worked with students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences throughout his 30-year career. He taught at Lawrence School in Ohio for 11 years, and was Headmaster at Odyssey School in Maryland for 8 years. Brad assumed headship at Gow in 2004.


Five years ago at Brad’s urging (or should we say insistence) Gow committed itself to a long-term effort to market and brand itself consistently and compellingly. This podcast presents an inside look at Gow’s journey.


Brad talks about the genesis of the decision to embark on this program and why he felt so strongly that is was critical to Gow’s future. He discusses openly the problems that the school community faced along the way, both in changing the how they talked about themselves and in the way marketing and communications were created at Gow.


As part of the branding process Gow decided to appoint a director of marketing, which was a big investment for a school as small as Gow. But Brad talks about how important a role that decision played in the program’s success, and the efforts that the new “steward of the brand” took to create buy-in throughout the community. The benefit of this undertaking is that there is now “institutional ownership” of the school’s brand.


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