Announcing the Brilliance Awards Competition for #Indyschool MarCom

InspirED is amped to present the first annual InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards.


Finally, a competition to recognize excellence in PK12 private and independent school marketing and communications — exclusively. No more competing against higher ed or corporations and businesses. This is a level playing field for schools to shine.


Show the world what you’ve made. Bring recognition to your team. Boost school pride!


The competition is open to both schools and their agencies and designers.



InspirED recognizes the value of competition. Awards…

  • demonstrate the value of your work to fellow employees, school parents, and leadership.
  • recognize your team and affirm their work.
  • are great publicity for your school in the local, regional and national community.
  • benchmark your accomplishments against peer schools.
  • are great resume-builders.
  • make you feel good!


Group A Up to 300 students
Group B Between 301 – 500 students
Group C More than 500 students


Printed Viewbook

Printed Magazine

Website Homepage

Enrollment Video

Annual Fund Appeal

Capital Campaign Case Statement or Microsite












Deadline October 14, 2016. For more details or to enter, visit InspirED School Marketers. Good luck!

Liza Fisher Norman

Master Electrician at InspirED School Marketers

As principal of Turnaround Marketing Communications, I have worked with close to 100 schools on branding, marketing and communications. I noticed that many of our clients hit it out of the park when the brand was new, but a year or so later their focus was benched. I wondered what could I do to help. In a light bulb moment, InspirED School Marketers was born. It's a professional development site that provides brilliant ideas and brain food for independent and private school marketers. InspirED is free and accessible to all schools. We want to make your job easier. Join us.