Winners of the InspirED Brilliance Awards Announced

The competition was fierce in the first annual InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards for excellence in PK12 private school marketing and communications. The panel of 10 judges was blown away with the quality and creativity of the entries, making some decisions difficult and finalists just a few points apart. Both small schools and large were winners and many agencies won on behalf of their clients, showing how many of you are at the top of your game in school MarCom.


InspirED hopes these examples of outstanding independent school marketing and communications inspire others, and invite everyone to enter the expanded 2017 Brilliance Awards in October.

Congratulations to the 2016 InspirED Brilliance Awards winners



Gold: Presbyterian Day School

Silver: Ravenscroft School

Bronze: Stoltze Design for The Putney School



Gold: Cheshire Academy

Silver: Stoltze Design for Milton Academy (Spring 2016)

Bronze: Stoltze Design for Milton Academy (Spring 2015)



Gold: inResonance for Harlem Academy

Silver (tie): Mission Minded for Marin Academy

Silver (tie): Woodward Academy



Gold: Mission Minded for Drew School

Silver: Cognizant Films for Vistamar School

Bronze: Germantown Friends School



Gold: Sewickley Academy

Silver: Friends Seminary

Bronze: CEH Design for Whitby School



Gold:  Cheney & Company for Brooks School

Silver: Millbrook School

Bronze: Cheney & Company for The Nightingale-Bamford School


To see all the winners and read sample judges’ comments, visit the InspirED Brilliance Awards page.

Thank You, Judges

Abundant thanks go to the judges who were dedicated to the success of these awards: Alison Cady, Choate Rosemary Hall, CT; Adrienne DiGiovine, DiGiovine Design, PA; Carolyn Eisenman, CEH Design, CT; Risa Engel, Stuart Country Day School, NJ; Jill Goodman, The GreenMount School, MD; Andrea Lehman, Strategist and Writer, NJ; Sarah Mead, Whitby School, CT; Rebecca Moore, Randolph School, AL; Dr. Arnaud Prevot, School Marketing Specialist, WA; and Andrew T. Weller, Avenues: The World School, NY.


Brilliance Awards Judges

Liza Fisher Norman

Master Electrician at InspirED School Marketers

As principal of Turnaround Marketing Communications, I have worked with close to 100 schools on branding, marketing and communications. I noticed that many of our clients hit it out of the park when the brand was new, but a year or so later their focus was benched. I wondered what could I do to help. In a light bulb moment, InspirED School Marketers was born. It's a professional development site that provides brilliant ideas and brain food for independent and private school marketers. InspirED is free and accessible to all schools. We want to make your job easier. Join us.