edSocialMedia Summit 2013


Did you miss the 2013 edSocialMedia Summit hosted by Walnut Hill School? Well you’re in luck!


We recorded each session and posted them below to give you a second chance to hear the social media lessons and tips shared by our extraordinarily talented group of speakers (each talk lasts roughly 30 minutes).


Use the playlist feature to jump between talks.



Having a hard time figuring out where to start? Check out these overviews to preview the edSocialMedia Summit 2013 sessions:


What I Learned About Social Media in Researching Our Book, Social Works
Michael Stoner, mStonerMichael Stoner, President, mStoner
Michael discussed the key takeaways from the work mStoner, Inc., did in identifying institutions and campaigns to feature in our book, Social Works. [It’s a social media cookbook with recipes 25 campaigns focused on raising money, boosting image, recruiting students, engaging alumni, and accomplishing other important goals.] He shared some “must-haves” in any socially driven campaign you might create.


Creating Relationships with Video!
Chris Savage, Co-founder and CEO, Wistia
Online video is an incredibly powerful medium. It’s emotional, engaging, and effective. Used effectively, video can help you deepen the relationship with your audience. Chris walked us through how Wistia’s video marketing has evolved over time, so you can avoid some of the mistakes they have made and get way more out of video!


How to Use Social Media to Build Trust, Loyalty & Evangelists
Joanna Lord, VP of Growth Marketing, MOZ
Joanna covered top tools and tips on how to use social media to create tribes of loyal supporters—whether it be for your school or for your cause. She shared ways to find influencers, get in touch, and formulate tactics to empower their voice for your community. Wondering how some of the biggest brands have created loyal communities? Joanna shed light on how this is done.


Twitter Chats: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Higher Ed
#IOLchat, Raheel Ramzanali, Melissa A. Venable & Laura Milligan, OnlineCollege.org
Raheel Ramzanali, Melissa A. Venable & Laura Milligan introduced attendees to the educational and networking benefits of creating a Twitter chat for their brand or class. They provide a brief description of the live chat format with examples of what constitutes a Twitter chat. They also identify the challenges they’ve come across while running the weekly #IOLchat (Inside Online Learning chat) over the past 18 months, and how attendees can avoid critical mistakes when starting their new initiative.


Social Media and Student Trends: Where are they headed?
Brandon Croke, Senior Marketing Manager, Uversity
You’ve read all the blog posts, attended the webinars, and took notes at the presentations on how to engage students through social media. But have you taken the time to ask students what they really want? In this presentation, Brandon shared the latest survey research on how thousands of high-school and college students use social media in their daily lives and college decision making process.


How to Create Marketing Offers Your Prospects Will Love
Maggie Georgieva, Associate Product Manager, HubSpot
Maggie uncovered the secrets behind creating lovable marketing content: from coming up with the perfect idea for an ebook or webinar through the actual production of the content. This presentation discussed the process of planning, building and measuring your marketing to help you generate more prospects and inquiries.


Viral Video: Bringing Culture to the Curb
Ian Symmonds, President and Founder, Ian Symmonds & Associates Inc.
Ian Symmonds demonstrated the importance of engaging videos to authentically represent an organization’s unique identity. These compelling videos, all with different backgrounds, highlight the possibilities of perceived dynamic when preparing video messaging. Ian shared three wildly different representations of marketing videos. As many agree, nothing is better than the power of video, and no other media — including print, digital photography, or text — more effectively represents an organization’s culture to the outsider.


How to Spark Fireworks with an Integrated, Out-of-the-Box Marketing Campaign
Elisabeth Russo, Enrollment Manager, Assumption High School
Find out how you can tap the energy of your student body to continue to draw students to your school. Elisabeth Russo introduced us to a wildly successful campaign that she led at Assumption High School, using popular music and student leaders to develop an out of the box recruitment video. Involving students in your media campaign connects your student body to the recruiting effort and the buzz created far surpasses any adult-generated media campaign. Brainstorm about your particular situation and develop ideas that will work for you!


Inversity, A Higher Education View of LinkedIn
John Hill, Higher Education Evangelist, LinkedIn
In his talk “Inversity, A Higher Education View of LinkedIn,” John focused his presentation on four key aspects of LinkedIn: people, jobs, companies & groups, and provides insight into how we can leverage these core components for better individual and institutional advancement. As he demonstrated the four basic tenets—listening, researching, engaging and enabling ambassadors—that have emerged in social media, he provided valuable insight into the hidden powers of electronic rolodex of LinkedIn. This presentation helps inform education and non-profit professionals how to utilize LinkedIn to aggregate audience, target market, communicate, qualify development leads, engage alumni and develop robust networks.


Also, don’t miss out on the photo gallery from the day — we captured some terrific candids.