Facebook Bootcamps

Facebook has become the world’s largest social networking site and arguably one of the most accessible tools for schools. The interactive social media channel offers key components to create a compelling public representation of the school.

edSocialMedia’s Facebook Bootcamp allows participants to spend a day in a hands-on workshop, learning the administrative settings to leverage your school’s story.

Participants will be introduced to best practices as they craft and explore a Facebook page while analyzing useful campaigns to generate content ideas for their school. The workshop will integrate short teaching presentations throughout the workshop, including tips on headline writing for status updates and definitions of proper Facebook terminology.

Benefits of hosting an ESM Facebook bootcamp

edSocialMedia will promote the school as the host of the event, which includes a short online profile, tweets and links to the school’s website. Additionally, the host school’s reputation is elevated as the leading regional facilitator of professional development in social media.

Hosting Requirements

An ideal host is in a location with several independent school within driving distance. There should be a networked meeting/presentation space for 25-30 people to work comfortably with laptops and move around. In order to host a bootcamp, the school agrees to provide meeting space, food for the attendees, and travel expenses for the edSocialMedia facilitator.

There is a standard bootcamp fee, which may be offset by outside paid registrations. In return, the host school will have a minimum of 5 reserved spots for the event. Schools may select to run a private bootcamp, which would provide private training for 12-15 participants.

Please fill out our inquiry form for more information about hosting a bootcamp.

Attending an ESM Facebook bootcamp

edSocialMedia Facebook bootcamps are being held across the country. See the events page for a location near you.