Google Analytics Bootcamp

If your school is trying to gauge the effectiveness of your web and digital communications, you must have a basic fluency in data analytics. But where to start, and how to do it? The edSocialMedia Google Analytics Bootcamp takes what can be an intimidating process and creates an engaging workshop so that you can get started with the industry’s most popular (free) analytics software.


Overview and Set-up
edSocialMedia will guide you through the early stages of setting up a Google Analytics account for your school or department.


How It Works
We’ll work with you to understand why analytics are important, how they work, which reports are the most essential to know. If you’re a beginner, you’re in the right place. If you’re an expert, our workshop consultants will give you some advanced tips.


Hands-on Activities
In the workshop, we’ll provide fun, hands-on activities in groups and individually so that you can practice running and analyzing the most basic and important reports.



We’ll give you best strategies so that you can return confidently to your school’s knowing how to make your case for analytics to administrators and how to integrate analytics into your busy workflow.


Ready to get started now? You can email us or reach us by phone (617-855-5106).