Social Media Bootcamp

The edSocialMedia Bootcamp offers a practical application of social media tools in a school environment and provides a hands-on introduction to a variety of social media channels.


As a member of a team, participants create and share content through edSocialMedia’s practice lab site and other social media channels, such as WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Host a private bootcamp for your staff or a public one for your area. Both offer a great option for hands-on social media training.


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What involved with hosting an ESM social media bootcamp

Meeting Space: The ideal meeting space has room for 15-20 people to work comfortably with laptops, both in groups and individually.


Technical Requirements: The space must have wifi internet with the ability to access social media sites.


Food: The host agrees to provide meeting space, food for the attendees


Cost: There is a standard bootcamp fee, which may be offset by outside paid registrations. In return, the host school will have a minimum of 5 reserved spots for the event. Schools may select to run a private bootcamp, which would provide private training for 12-15 participants.


Attending an ESM bootcamp

edSocialMedia bootcamps are being held across the country. See the events page for a location near you.


Should your school arrange a social media bootcamp? The Technology Director at the Dwight School, Basil Kolani, thinks it provided his faculty with the tools to launch into social media.