Video Bootcamp

It’s been said that, a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. But does your school have the skills to create memorable videos? Are you prepared to capture and share it all with your community?

The edSocialMedia video production bootcamp will explore trends in the industry, practicing with some of the best tools and software available. We will cover different techniques to improve sound and quality, talk best practices for video editing, and share tips on how to optimize your video’s virality.

Sticking with the method that we know best, this workshop will focus on learning with a hands-on approach. After an introductory keynote, you will join a small instruction group and get to work. With a full day on the docket, we’ve scheduled ample time to dive into understanding what is possible for your school, despite the size of your budget!

Benefits of hosting a video bootcamp

Content library
The host school becomes the backdrop for pictures, videos and posts that participants generate and share throughout the workshop. In addition, edSocialMedia will promote the school as the host of the event, including a small profile, tweets and links to the school website.

One of the biggest challenges in professional development is finding the proper amount of time to learn the task at hand without sacrificing work in our primary positions. As a host school, your faculty and staff can easily access the workshop, allowing for more staff members to attend the event.

Hosting requirements
An ideal host is in a location with several independent schools within driving distance. There should be a networked computer lab with 12 or more computers equipped with video editing software. Ideally, the host would have access to a projector and projector screen for the demonstrations and presentations. In order to host a bootcamp, the school agrees to provide meeting space, food for the attendees, and travel expenses for the edSocialMedia facilitator.

There is a standard bootcamp fee, which may be offset by outside paid registrations. In return, the host school will have a minimum of 5 reserved spots for the event. Schools may select to run a private bootcamp, which would provide private training for 12-15 participants.

Please fill out our inquiry form for more information about hosting a bootcamp.

Attending an ESM bootcamp

edSocialMedia bootcamps are being held across the country. See the events page for a location near you.

Should your school arrange a social media bootcamp? The Technology Director at the Dwight School, Basil Kolani, thinks it provided his faculty with the tools to launch into social media.